Project Description

Multitouch system

This system offers a complete hardware and software solution for jump start multitouch interactive content and its control. It is also anticipates one central place that provides control and delivers to all places that have installed promotional displays, singletouch and multitouch devices. Before exposing to market, the hardware is tested in harsh environments, and goes through a rigorous set of tests, in order to enable operation in harsh environments, as well as to tolerate the constant work 24 / 7, 365 days a year. If necessary, our service for servicing the hardware is available in a short period. Software consist of coupling of interactive apllications used by end users, applications for central control of content on all devices and applications for the control of the device. An interactive application intended for customers is completely “user friendly”. We have tried to maximize the worldwide experience from the world of tablet computers and their applications. Therefore we have improved already high “user experience” in multitouch devices to a higher level, where all acts in such system become normal after a short period of use. In addition, we have developed a help system that allows to present all the interface functions in a very short time, so that new users can immediately start to use our system with no need for long-term addiction and learning. Here, we have to emphasize the interactivity and the possibility of rapid comparison of the segments that allows the natural flow of information and speeds up the process of using the application in a relation to conventional applications that still use keyboard and mouse. Since we developed our own software base, we are able to customize a complete application according to the presentational need of a specific client. Usage of a multitouch system is complex. It can be applied to all places that have a large amount of information, but needed to be presented in a quick and easy way. This kind of presentation also allows us a great visual appeal and thereby attract new clients. Multotoch system can be applicable to: Some possibilities of multitouch systems: • Banks and savings banks (supply of products, information services, financial plan configurator) • Shopping Mall (commercial and Philosophy offers) • Centre for sport and recreation (show events and results) • Train and bus stations (view current information on arrivals and departures) • Airports and seaports (view current information on arrivals and departures) • Presentations (presentation of information in the halls at conferences, etc.) • Colleges and Universities (view schedule of events and lectures, etc.) Central system for setting the content and device management enables us to remote control each device and its content. This allows us the maximum flexibility in the system relative to the position and the type of the device the content is placed on. It also allows us remote updates and installation of required applications without sending the technicians to field thus reduce maintenance costs for prospective customers. Central system is communicating with devices through conventional Internet link using the VPN tunnel. Application for surveillance device has been developed in order to respond rapid in case of malfunction of the device. This enables proactive approach and very shot response time in case of any failures. If there is any kind of malfunction on the device the system itself alarms the operator. In this case to the field technician can be immediately sent to the field and determine the failure as well as to correct the deficiency on the spot.