Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy

Hand Studio d.o.o. pays great attention to protecting the personal information of our clients and all the people who visit our website. Our Privacy Policy regulates the way of handling information that Hand Studio d.o.o. automatically receives from the visitors of our website.

Privacy Policy includes:

  • The policy of using and storing cookies (HTTP cookies).

  • Contact on our web site is realized via e-mail, not through the contact form for personal information on the web.

  • In accordance with the good practice of storing e-mail, third parties have no access to the emails we receive or receive the data we receive by e-mail to third parties.

  • When contacting us by e-mail, please do not send us sensitive personal information (racial and ethnic origin information, political views, religious beliefs, etc.).

  • We use the usual web site security methods.

  • Personal information stored in the emails we exchange we keep as much as necessary for business purposes.

  • On our website there are links to other sites (social networks) with our content. The privacy policy on these sites is not part of our responsibility.